We must make the
building of a
free society once more
an intellectual adventure,
a deed of courage.
F.A. Hayek
Freedom Project fellows
Freedom Project fellows

The Freedom Project

The Freedom Project at Wellesley is devoted to the promotion of freedom of expression, pluralism and tolerance on campus and in the greater world. Wellesley students and faculty participate actively in on-campus discussions and debates with each other and outside speakers, and pursue many opportunities with national and international organizations devoted to the expansion of freedom in a variety of contexts.


upcoming events

Professor Dani Rodrik: How Much Globalization Do We Really Need?

4:30pm / Wednesday, February 10 / http://bit.ly/FPFEB10

Abigail Hall Blanco: The War on Drugs and Its Alternatives

4:30PM / Tuesday, March 2 / http://bit.ly/FPMAR2

John McWhorter: The New American English and Its Challenges (Final date of Lecture TBA)

4:30pm / Tuesday, March 30 / Location and Final Date TBA
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