Emily Yoffe, Title IX and the Disempowerment of Women

November 14, 6pm, Library Lecture Room

The talk will focus on how a well-intended policy designed to address sexual misconduct injustices against young women has created a system of injustices against the accused, expanded definitions of misconduct to encompass almost any sexual behavior on campus, and promulgated pseudo-scientific assertions that undermine women’s agency. We are livestreaming this event so please use this link to join us:

Emily Yoffe
Emily Yoffe

Emily Yoffe is a contributing editor at The Atlantic and a contributing writer at Highline (part of HuffPost). Prior to joining The Atlantic, she was a long-time contributor to Slate, and was their Dear Prudence advice columnist for a decade. She has written extensively about campus sexual assault and was a finalist for the 2015 National Magazine Award in public interest for her Slate story, “The College Rape Overcorrection.” Her three-part Atlantic series on campus sexual assault, “The Uncomfortable Truth About Campus Rape Policy,” looked at the issues of due process, junk science, and the disproportionate number of accusations against men of color. She has written about MeToo for Highline and Politico. Her work has appeared in many publications, including Esquire, The Los Angeles Times, the New Republic, the New York Times, O the Oprah Magazine, Texas Monthly, and The Washington Post. She was a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University and is a graduate of Wellesley College.