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Dr David Blumenthal, President Commonwealth Foundation: Lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic on the future of the public health system in the United States

January 27, 9:30am,

This talk discusses the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on the health system in the United States. It will particularly address the question of whether or not the US should adopt a national health service, such as the United Kingdom or Canada’s. Would this reform or other similar alternatives make the US system more robust and able to mount a more efficient response to another pandemic in the future and improve equality of access to health care, or would national health care create new challenges without fixing current problems?

Dr. David Blumenthal
Dr. David Blumenthal

Dr. Blumenthal, M.D., M.P.P., is President and CEO of the Commonwealth Fund, a national health care philanthropy based in New York City. Previously, he served as the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in the Obama Administration; Chief Health Information and Innovation Officer at Partners Health System in Boston, MA; and Samuel O. Thier Professor of Medicine and Professor of Health Care Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School. As a renowned health services researcher and national authority on health IT adoption, he has authored over 300 scholarly publications, including the seminal studies on the adoption and use of health information technology in the United States.

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