Censorship and Self-Censorship

March 9, 2017

Flemming Rose presents Censorship and Self-Censorship (What's the Difference and Which Presents the Gravest Threat to Freedom of Speech?) during Censorship Awareness Week.

Flemming Rose
Cato Institute, Washington D.C.

Flemming Rose is a Danish journalist, author, and senior fellow at Cato Institute, Washington D.C.

Twenty-five years ago, the pioneers of the Internet believed that they had created a tool to do away with censorship once and for all. Today, anyone with a smartphone is able to publish and communicate whatever they want, and yet, censorship still exists online. Just as the printing press, radio, and TV that came before it, while the Internet promised to be a breakthrough for freedom of speech, the government has found ways to control and limit our ability to freely disseminate information online. What does censorship in the 21st century look like? How does digital technology affect the way we communicate today? Is outright censorship easier to deal with than soft censorship and self-censorship? In this lecture, Flemming Rose will explore these questions and more.