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Discrimination against Women in Decision-Making Positions in Iran

October 18, 2017

Iran is today among the world’s top nations with myriad violations of the most fundamental human rights and freedoms, including women’s human rights. Since the triumph of the 1979 Islamic Revolution and establishment of the government of the Islamic Republic in Iran, women’s gender has been a catalyst to deny and restrict their civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights. In this lecture, Dr. Farzaneh will discuss compelling issues surrounding discrimination against women in decision-making positions such as judgeships, the presidency and other senior government positions. She will also identify and rebut Iran’s justifications for such discriminatory treatments against women’s guaranteed human rights. Come listen to Freedom Project visiting fellow Delaram Farzaneh on October 18.

Dr. Delaram Farzaneh
Visiting Fellow

Delaram Farzaneh is a Fellow of the Freedom Project at Wellesley College. She holds two LL.M (Master of Laws) and a Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) in international legal studies. Her academic work and publications in its core addresses international human rights and women’s rights in Iran. Her newly published book Judgeships in Iran: Step Down, You are a Woman—A Legal Analysis of International Human Rights, is a comprehensive critique of Iran’s gender-based discrimination against women from the various perspectives of domestic and comparative law, Islamic jurisprudence, and international human rights laws, within a historical context. As part of her contribution to the Freedom Project, in addition to her work on women’s rights, she will be expanding her scholarly work on freedom of expression as one of the most fundamental human rights principles. This will include the crucial role of freedom of expression in academia and protecting human rights and principles.